Our mission Nugevity’s mission is to enhance, prolong and protect human performance and quality of life, naturally.

We believe that wholesome nutrition is best obtained from a balanced diet, and that humans should strive to have access to affordable, natural foods.

But we also recognize that staying healthy has become increasingly hard in this modern world, and that most people face difficult odds when trying to eat right. Factory farming, fast foods, and a complicated web of regulations have turned the most basic of human needs into an unsurmountable challenge. Alas, nine out of every 10 Americans fail to consume the minimum daily amount of fruits and vegetables; and as many as 86% don’t get enough omega-3 fatty acids.

Nugevity’s goal is to cut through the noise; sort through the science; and provide ethical dietary solutions of unquestionable quality, that you can readily incorporate into your routine.

But nutrition is only a piece of the bigger puzzle. We don’t believe in panaceas or "miracle cures.” That’s why Nugevity works with research institutions to advance our understanding of human health through the various aspects of integrative care: exercise, sleep, stress reduction, etc. And that’s why our team actively participates in promoting education through CE lectures and conferences around the world.


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